Welcome to Homemakers!

Enjoy the last days of SUMMER break!

 Kid's Summer

Pool parties, sleepovers, camping, beach, vacations…SUMMER!

We hope you are enjoying the breath of fresh air that this time of year brings.


As you prepare your family for "Back To School", here are a few things to consider:


  • Back to SchoolStart getting back into some of your daily routines like eating a good breakfast, getting to bed early and family meals around the dinner table.

  • Get the important dates on the calendar. Whether you use a smart phone or a¬† wall calendar, get the school/church/sport/holiday dates on the calendar now.

  • Take your list when shopping for school supplies and clothing. Having the lists will definitely save time, money and hopefully frustration.

  • Check the medical and school records of your children to ensure everything is up to date.

    This is a great time to get your children involved in some of the preparations. Do they have any new lunch food ideas? How about getting their desk/homework area cleared out and ready with their new items! Maybe your older children have suggestions as to how to make the morning rush to school not so hectic!


    Whatever the next few weeks hold for you and your family, keep the time together a priority. Pray with your children, take walks with them and listen to their hearts.

    HomeMakers is a Christ-centered Organization designed to support and encourage the stay-at-home mom. Donna OttoHomeMakers was founded in 1987 by nationally known author, mentor and speaker Donna Otto.
    What began as a small group of mothers supporting each other in their desire to be at home raising their children, has become a large group of women who meet weekly for worship, teaching and small group time. HomeMakers is a great place to make new friends, hear practical teaching and find support, refreshment and encouragement among like-minded women.