Welcome to Homemakers!

Wonderful Summer vacation memories have been made over the past few months! Sand castles were created, trees were climbed, new destinations were explored and many photos were taken to capture these fun filled moments.

The days ahead begin a new season of learning for many families. Dorm rooms will be coming alive, school supply lists are being filled and backpacks have been purchased that seem larger than thekindergarteners who will be wearing them!

Stand beside your children, cheering them on as they embark on their new adventure. Bless them with words of truth each day and enjoy watching what God has planned.



HomeMakers is a Christ-centered Organization designed to support and encourage the stay-at-home mom. Donna OttoHomeMakers was founded in 1987 by nationally known author, mentor and speaker Donna Otto.
What began as a small group of mothers supporting each other in their desire to be at home raising their children, has become a large group of women who meet weekly for worship, teaching and small group time. HomeMakers is a great place to make new friends, hear practical teaching and find support, refreshment and encouragement among like-minded women.